Quality Management

Prioritizing quality the right way​ Prioritizing quality the right way​ Improve your business processes by reducing quality issues! This leads to long-term cost savings. Quality Management forms the essential framework through which an organization regulates, guides, and enhances the quality of its operations. It involves systematic processes and standards that ensure products and services consistently… Continue reading Quality Management


Sustainability includes many aspects. Global goals to battle climate change Paris agreement: limit global warming to 1,5-2,0°C. Halve emissions by 2030 UN global goals to reduce emission by 45% 2030 and NetZero by 2050. Greenhouse gas emissions need to be halved every decade. Requirements are rapidly increasing for industry de-carbonization. Increased focus for industry: European… Continue reading Sustainability

Operational Excellence

Optimera verksamheten
mellan planering och produktion Optimera verksamheten mellan planering och produktion InnovationTech klargör interfacet mellan planering och produktion. Genom att upprätthålla verksamhetsoptimering och ständig produktionsutveckling kan vi hjälpa till att förbättra produktiviteten samtidigt som leveransprecisionen säkerställs. Vårt fokus ligger på att förändra filosofin på arbetsplatsen för att uppnå långsiktigt och hållbart resultat. InnovationTech har bred kompetens och mångårig erfarenhet… Continue reading Operational Excellence

Leadership Development

Strong leadership fosters confidence and engagement. A solid leadership foundation creates confidence and engagement. A solid leadership foundation builds confidence and boosts employee engagement. InnovationTech works to improve all types of leaders, including project managers, department heads, team leaders, and change managers. With a solid background in leadership and development, we improve company workflows. Through… Continue reading Leadership Development

Hire our expert Consultants

Hire our professional consultants, project managers, or interim solutions Hire our professional consultants, project managers, or use our interim professionals InnovationTech offers consulting and project management services to drive positive change in your business. We support business development, reorganization, efficiency improvements, and investment projects with high demands on professional project management. Our consultants handle everything… Continue reading Hire our expert Consultants

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain & Operations Efficient operations and agile supply chain is a must Our world is always changing. Climate challenges, financial instability, and shifting geopolitics are rapidly reshaping the competitive supply chain landscape. Effective supply chain risk management is vital in navigating constant changes, ensuring your business remains strong and competitive. Those who successfully manage… Continue reading Supply Chain Management