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InnovationTech oversees your business performance. We analyse, improve and implement targeted activities that give instant results for your business. InnovationTech are experts in finding new constructive development opportunities. Simply: We take care of your concerns and give you the tools. All you have to do is to maintain our improvements and see your profit increase.

Our business idea is to create operative conditions to optimize your business through an efficient process and happy employees. This is done by proven techniques, expertise and experience.

Services, solutions and training

InnovationTech offers staffing services for interim project assignments or comprehensive solutions that involve lasting change in all or part of your business.


Our team includes experienced project managers and professional consultants with expertise in leadership, logistics, sustainability, business optimization, quality assurance, design and training. Our training consultants are specialized in Lean Thinking and Six Sigma.

This we can:


Sustainability & Decarbonization​

Sustainability comprises many aspects.

Global climate targets, regulatory, and social pressures are constituting a paradigm-shifting challenges for supply chain professionals.  We are offering solutions and resources to attack the emissions in your Supply Chain and how to engage with suppliers. 


We at InnovationTech are today helping companies and have the expertise and tools to assess where you are. We can guide you to what is most important,  viable to do and has the biggest effect.

We have  experience from implementing reduction actions and solutions to decrease the carbon footprint in for example hard to abate areas like Steel, Aluminium, cast Iron and Batteries. 

Supply Chain & Operations

Supply Chain Management incorporates all aspects of the supply chain- planning, purchases, logistics and product development and more elaborate distributions.

InnovationTechs Supply Chain experts will help you get better control of your value stream and reduce unnecessary costs. Some examples are lowering inventory, eliminating deficiencies and perfecting your delivery accuracy.

Operational Excellence

InnovationTech clarifies the interface between production and planning processes. By optimizing operation and development production we can improve efficiency and delivery quality. Our focus is to change the philosophy at your workplace to reach long term and sustainable results.


InnovationTech has extensive expertise and years or experience of Operational Excellence from a variety of industries such as automotive- telecom- and furniture manufacturers.

Quality Management

Optimize your business process by reducing quality deficiencies! This improves cost savings that will be sustainable in the long run.

Quality Management is the foundation of how the organization should control, direct and develop the quality of its activities, so they in the end can deliver products and services with correct quality.


InnovationTech works to identify COPQ (Cost Of Poor Quality) and prioritize improvements through SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound). Quality Management is an efficient process that reduces your costs drastically both short and long term. This creates presumptions for competitiveness and sustainable profitability.

Management Consulting

A solid leadership foundation creates safety and improved commitment among your employees. InnovationTech works to improve all kinds of leaders, from project managers, head of departments, team leaders and more.


With a solid background within leadership and development we work to improve the workflow within the company. Through management, coaching, mentoring leaders and management teams we can change your delivery precision results, reduce complaints, improve production expenses, increase profitability and create a positive work environment.

Project & Interim Management

InnovationTech offers consulting and project management services for projects that need positive change in your company. We will help with operational development, reorganisation, efficiency and investment projects where you need the highest quality project management..


Our consultants implement everything from analysis and pre-studies, get hired as leaders for workshops, events, seminars and educations, act as motivators during events or as a coach or mentor.

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