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How much can you really improve an organization?

It is intended that a business must roll on efficiently and without wastage.
A day without scrapping, with short set-up times, and completely satisfied customers are now achievable.

With staff training, coaching and project management of LEAN and Six Sigma, we can confidently guarantee results.

For us, this is living and working with the Innovation Tech is always a guaranteed investment.
We train your employees, coaches the change process, ensuring that the knowledge is used and leads projects to ensure that improvements take place.

The projects provide income from the first day and the results are permanent.

Our customers’ results in average the last 3 years
Scrapping and reworking – a reduction of 60-75% after Kaizenveckor, 90% after 13 weeks
Work in progress (WIP) expenses – Decrease of over 75% in Value Stream Mapping
Ready stock – Reduction of over 70% after Kaizenveckor, 90% after 13 weeks
Use floor space – Reduction by 50-75% after Kaizenveckor
Time Reduction – Reduction by 70% after Kaizenveckor
Production efficiency – Increase of 60% after 13 weeks
The overall system effektivtet (OEE / TAK) – Increase of 75% after 13 weeks
Material costs – Reduction by 10-25% after project
Customer requirements – Reduction by 70% after Kaizenvecka and 90% after project
Some further improvement typical Kaizenfokus
Lower costs
Reduction in the number of employees and the simultaneous increase in output per hour
Total productive maintenance (TPM / TPM) basic implementation
Reduced the number of shifts
Reduced number of production lines
Savings in the electricity / energy

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We have had good cooperation that is now beginning to bear fruit and we have raised ourselves a couple of levels. Working with Lean is really nothing strange – but you have to be persistent and constantly work on. We are very humble and realize that not everything happens at once – you lift up a notch, may slip back in any respect, takes hold again and work on. It was selected …