About us

Business development through innovation!

InnovationTech provides advanced business and operational solutions for companies, focusing on industrial technology and manufacturing industries. Our team includes specialized consultants from industrial, telecom, technology, and IT sectors, with expertise in operational excellence, supply chain management, quality management, and development.

Business idea and vision

Our business idea is to assist companies, both large and small, in analyzing, implementing, and enhancing their operational skills. This approach ensures definite profits, strengthens competitiveness, promotes sustainability, and boosts earnings.

With extensive knowledge and experience, at InnovationTech we always adhere to our philosophy and goal: achieving long-term results and laying the foundation for continuous improvement. Our contributions are aimed at generating sustainable success and satisfied clients.

Our approach remains consistent regardless of the company’s size or the complexity of the mission.


Our way of working

Our services, solutions, and educational offerings are designed to consistently add value to employees, businesses, and organizations. We collaborate with clients to assess the most suitable needs and objectives.

To foster commitment and engagement in the improvement process, InnovationTech’s consulting support forms a client-partnered participant team. The work is structured into stages with clearly defined sub-goals.

Continual follow-ups are conducted to track the implementation of changes and ensure the achievement of the end goal.

What you get when you hire InnovationTech:

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