Is Your Supply Chain Resilient?

In today's dynamic world, increasing uncertainties and disruptions demand adaptive supply chains. Global market trends and shifts necessitate a focus on resilience alongside efficiency to maintain operational excellence.

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Supply Chain Resilience & Sustainability

Global climate targets, geopolitical pressures, regulatory changes, and customer demands pose significant challenges for supply chain professionals.

There's a growing need to shift focus from setting targets to taking action. Both supply chain resilience and sustainability are now essential requirements.

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Embrace Sustainability and Resilience for Future Success

Many organizations are just starting to embrace new concepts and meet stakeholder commitments. Strengthen your market position and future-proof your business.

Integrating Sustainability and Resilience offers great potential for long-term optimization. Ignoring this opportunity could be costly and threaten the survival of organizations in the long run.

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Empowering Success with InnovationTech

At InnovationTech, we have the tools and solutions to make things happen.

We offer:
- Assessments and risk analysis
- Education and training
- Best practice solutions

Let us help you achieve your goals. We deliver results! Get things done !

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Get things done !

At InnovationTech, we are experienced consultants who assist companies with cost-savings, efficiency improvements, and achieving specific targets. We support larger companies in Procurement, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Quality practices.

- Get Things Right!
- Get Things Done!
- Get Things Better!

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Innovation Excellence
Innovation Excellence

Do you have what it takes to be resilient ?

The world is changing and more uncertainty and disruptive changes ahead ! Global disruptions and market trends are directly affecting operations which pressure the supply chain to respond differently - efficiency is a key foundation, but is no longer enough and Resilience need to be added to Operational Excellence. Building a resilient supply chain is crucial in today's complex and volatile business environment. To achieve this, operations must invest in the capabilities to mitigate, absorb and recover.

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Are you on track with your climate actions?

The Global climate targets, geopolitical, regulatory, and customers pressures are constituting a paradigm-shifting challenges for supply chain professionals. The requirements are increasing and focus need to go from targets to actions. Both supply chain resilience and sustainability have become “must-haves”

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Are you using the opportunity or taking a risk?

Most organizations are at early stages of their journey toward engaging with the changing concepts and targets, commitments that stakeholders are looking for. There is an opportunity to strengthening market position and future-proof your business. Take advantage of the synergies between Sustainability and Resilience offers immense potential for long-term optimization, ignoring this opportunity is risking to becoming costly, jeopardizing long-term survivability of organizations.

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Are you achieving your targets and solving your problems?

We at InnovationTech have the tools and solutions to get things done. We provide
- Assessments and risk analysis
- Education and training
- Best Practice solutions
We help you to get Get things done. We get things done !

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Get things done !

We at InnovationTech are very experienced consultants that help many companies that need help with cost-savings, become more efficient or meet a specific target. We are helping many larger companies in their Procurement, Manufacturing, Logistics and Quality practices.
 Get things right !
 Get things done !
 Get things better !

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Business development through innovation!

What We Offer:

  • Strategic Planning: Tailored roadmaps to integrate innovative solutions into your business strategy.

  • Technology Implementation: Guidance on adopting and integrating cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Process Optimization: Streamlined processes to enhance efficiency and productivity through innovative methods.

  • Product Development: Support in developing and launching innovative products that meet market demands.

  • Change Management: Assistance in managing organizational change to ensure successful adoption of new technologies and processes.

  • Training and Workshops: Customized training sessions and workshops to empower your team with the latest industry knowledge and skills.

Our Services

InnovationTech enhances your business performance by analyzing, improving, and implementing targeted activities that yield immediate results. Our experts specialize in identifying new development opportunities that drive growth. In simple terms, we address your concerns and provide you with the tools you need. All you have to do is maintain our improvements and watch your profits grow.


Supply Chain & Operations

Operational Excellence

Quality Management

Project & Interim Management

Six Sigma training
Lean, simulations and role play
5S and other training
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Six Sigma training
Lean, simulations and role play
5S and other training

Learn and execute on location – achieve instant result

InnovationTech offers company tailored classes and education in a variety of problem solving, mainly in Lean Thinking and Six Sigma.Our educations are available at different levels and are suited for both leaders and employees.

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We are currently offering Free Assessment and Analysis of your situation.

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Our partner for custom made solutions in the manufacturing industry

With our partners and global network, InnovationTech AB can Customize our solution to solve your needs in these areas.


Affordable solutions combined with many years of experience in delivering within their area of services.

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