Hire our professional consultants, project managers, or interim solutions

Hire our professional consultants, project managers, or use our interim professionals

InnovationTech offers consulting and project management services to drive positive change in your business. We support business development, reorganization, efficiency improvements, and investment projects with high demands on professional project management.

Our consultants handle everything from analyses and feasibility studies to leading workshops, events, seminars, and training sessions. They also act as motivators at events and serve as coaches and mentors.


Here’s what you get when you hire InnovationTech:

Interim Solutions

InnovationTech provides interim managers and personnel across various fields. Our consultants are results-oriented and are very experienced.

We offer interim solutions with consultants experienced in successful leadership and change management. Our consultants have broad expertise and come from various industries, such as automotive, retail, telecom, and furniture. We work with company management for everything from small businesses to publicly traded corporations.

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Mikael Henningsson

Mikael Henningsson

Partner & Sr. Consultant