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Smart Industri 365

Invid EPI – a part of Smart Industry 365

Do you want to reduce downtime, waste, over production and unnecessary overtime? 
Our partner Invid offers Smart Industry concepts that contains the modern production follow-up system ePI.
EPI gives you control of what may be behind your problems. 
A great foundation for decisions!


Smart Industry 365 is a bundle with application solutions that identifies the cause of disturbance in the production and visualizes your utilization rate of machines. 

Streamline your production with Invid ePI’s advanced production- and reporting system. You will receive a qualified view of your machinery and complete control of your operation and stops. 

Invid ePI is a smart production system for follow ups, for industries that uses KPIs, examples are OEE/TAK-values, cycles and  goal completion. 

Print out details reports that can help you identify issues in your production quick and visualizes the machinery usage. 

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Malkolm Eliasson

Sr. Manager