Operation optimization between production and planning​

InnovationTech clarifies the interface between production and planning processes. By optimizing operation and development production we can improve efficiency and delivery quality. Our focus is to change the philosophy at your workplace to reach long term and sustainable results.

InnovationTech has extensive expertise and years or experience of Operational Excellence from a variety of industries such as automotive- telecom- and furniture manufacturers.

Our consultants coach and provide necessary knowledge by implementing and executing the tools used in Lean and Six Sigma, including the DMAIC process.

Our knowledge:

  • Increase operational accessibility
  • Improve planning and supply chain processes
  • Improve daily control
  • Motivate employees
  • Secure deliverables and deliveries
  • Improve profitability


Define the project and/ or process. We create a “business case” and the first budget calculation to prove profitability in the project.



Collecting measurable data to create a starting point (“baseline) for analysis. Creating a baseline through measuring is important to be able to see the result change while we implement the improvements. Common tools in this phase are fishbone diagram, root and cause analysis and measure system analysis (MSA).



The gathered data is analyzed to show the connection between different factors. When and how the factors affect the result has been identified, we are able to control the project for best possible outcome. Common tools used analysis are some kind of statistical software or a simple version in excel.



Once you know what factors are controlling the outcome you need to implement the change or improvement. To succeed and not fall back to where you started you need to stay persistent.



To maintain the result of the improvement you need to keep measuring your results. Measuring and follow-ups are incorporated in your daily operations.