Efficient logistics
throughout the process

Supply Chain Management incorporates all aspects of the supply chain- planning, purchases, logistics and product development and more elaborate distributions.

InnovationTechs Supply Chain experts will help you get better control of your value stream and reduce unnecessary costs. Some examples are lowering inventory, eliminating deficiencies and perfecting your delivery accuracy.

Our knowledge:

  • Define the control model for the business – “Governance Model”
  • Clarify and optimize inventory
  • Set and optimize the planning processes
  • Optimize internal and external flows
  • Translate customer needs to business goals
  • Improve production flows
  • Improve financial processes and flows
  • Improve information quality
  • Reduce cost

Bundle solutions:

  • Analysis and creation of improvement plans for the supply chain
  • Create efficient planning structures and processes
  • Optimization of the supply chain within a company
  • Support and development of strategic purchasing
  • Customer-oriented strategies for the supply chain
  • InnovationTech Training