Patrik Jansson- Supply chain and Operations expert

Supply chain executive with experience from Ericsson, Sony Ericsson and Sony Mobile. Before entering the consulting industry when starting with Innovation tech had positions mainly in the supply chain. Some of the key positions and accomplishments were as VP head of supply chain operations, Patrik and his team developed the supply chain to a very high level of performance. The team received both the global award for Gartner top 25 supply chains where the ranking was 19th best. He also received a Swedish award called Postnords Logistics award. The transformation of the supply chain entails everything from design requirements (Design for supply  chain) to supplier setup and communication to agile execution. During his career Patrik has had several management position within manufacturing and distribution both in the US and in Europe. Patrik spent a number of years within sourcing management as well and was there a part of the sourcing management team. In addition in a senior project management Patrik drove a cost of sales project where COS for the company was reduced with 13% saving the company about 1B Euro over 3 years.

Patrik Jansson
Senior Consultant
Mobile phone: +46705501296
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Fredrik Persson- Quality management and Six Sigma specialist

11 years’ experience of professional Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement within different global companies and different industries (Hydro, Sony Ericsson, and Sandvik) During his career Fredrik has had several senior and global positions within Operations, R&D, Management offices and HR. Fredrik has also been project manager for Issue management projects. Issue management connects the person who has the quality issue with someone who can solve it!”.

ROI in one of these issue management projects was 3 months with a project budget of 5M euro.

Fredrik has program managed company wide competence development programs within Lean Six Sigma. Some of the programs were, Concept development, WoW, Organizational structure, Training, Certification, Coaching, Supporting networks and Follow up measurements.

Fredrik thoughts about Quality:

During his career one thing has been key “Always focus on Process Assurance and Process Improvements when targeting Quality Excellence”.

Process Assurance is really developing your processes according to customer requirements and also measure and understand what the customers’ wants.

Process Improvements should always be performed in a structured and fact based way when closing performance gaps caused by defected processes.

This is key for the success in serving your customers and achieving complete customer satisfaction with a low CoPQ.

Fredrik Persson
Senior Consultant
Mobile phone: +46706162328
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Mikael Henningsson Operational Excellence and Lean/Six Sigma expert 

Over 20 years’ experience in Quality Management (LEAN/Six Sigma) in different global companies such as Scania, Sony Ericsson, Danfoss and Danaher.

Mikael is the founder of InnovationTECH AB and started the journey in the beginning of 2009 and this was actually in the beginning of the global downturn and financial crisis.

As a person Mikael is very driven and has the skills to motivate people and organizations to improve the current state and change the mindset towards continuous improvement with LEAN/SixSigma. Mikael has the ability to quickly and with accuracy identify critical areas within companies and has the toolset to act accordingly based on the theoretical and practical experience.

During the years as both employee and consultant, Mikael has managed a numerous of big and important projects.

Mikael has lead mid-Size companies to recover from 65% delivery Accuracy to almost 100% within 12 months. He has also lead a mid-Size, multinational company to implement LEAN/Six Sigma in the way that a big Automotive producer has awarded them with the Supplier of the Year award. Mikael has also together with a multinational company developed and implemented a product phase out process that often are missing in companies and the phase out tends to be more costly than calculated.

Mikael Henningsson
Senior Consultant
Mobile phone:+46 708 70 1504
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