Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

What you can achieve with this course:

Value Stream Mapping (VSM ) is a visualization tool in Lean Manufacturing and is used to help the company, its customers and suppliers to discover waste and to identify the causes. This is done by following the flow of eg. a product. This is ,in contrast from process mapping, performed in reverse order and you always start with the customer experience.


VSM is also an excellent tool for training of staff in a company that has chosen to focus on Lean manufacturing. Taking part in an improvement project undertaken by a VSM and other Lean tools provide valuable knowledge for further improvement within the organization.

Who this is for:

Technicians, production managers, logistics manager, quality manager, public employee in the improvement group.


None required


2 days


Min 5 / Max: 12

Price: 6,900 SEK

Total price per participant excluding VAT
Travel and accommodation costs not included.

After completing the course you should:

Get the knowledge to create a flow map of the current state that is in need of change and identify a future state to eliminate waste in the process.

The types of waste analyzed are:

  • Surplus stocks
  • Waiting
  • Overproduction
  • Unnecessary transport

The most common improvements achieved by eliminating these types of waste are:

  • Shorter lead times – better response to customers
  • Reduced capital tie
  • Better quality
  • Increased production capacity
  • Better utilization of surface area

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