SixSigma – GreenBelt

What you can achieve with this course:

Improved quality, increased customer satisfaction, cross-functional cooperation and a mechanism for lowering the cost of poor quality.


This course creates understanding of the Six Sigma methodology as well as systematic problem description and solution. We put a lot of focus on how it is applied in practice and how it should be combined with other roles within improvement management, such as Black belt, Lean coordinator, etc… We use our experience and storytelling from real, current projects and case studies. The course contains at least one day of practical application.

Who this is for:

Those who lead local improvement teams, who work part time as improvement managers or as support to Black Belt managers.


No experience required


6 days


Min 5 / Max: 16

Price: 23,900 SEK

Total price per participant excluding VAT
Travel and accommodation costs not included.

After the course, you will know how to:
  • work within your own organisation
  • drive local improvement projects
  • support Black Belts during larger projects
  • have knowledge in more complex methods of analysis
  • contribute at least 7 times your own cost

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