Quality Management

Increased competitiveness and improved profitability with InnovationTECH. Within quality management, we have broad experience as many of our employees have worked as Quality Managers in industry in the automotive industry, telecom and furniture industry.

Quality management has fundamentally different approaches to how an organization should be managed, led and developed. The comprehensive quality of its activities is to ultimately deliver both products and services for at least the expected quality.

To optimize the process by reducing quality cost often create much greater savings and is also sustainable in the long term.

To increase sales by expanding sales force and work towards new segments and new markets is often a long process. It usually takes several years for a seller to become profitable. Working with purchasing issues are important, but from a cost perspective, maybe not the best sue of time.

Working with COPQ by working with quality costs reduces your cost significantly, both short and long term. When you build expertise in the area, you create an understanding of execution and create conditions for sustainable profitability.

It is necessary for you to remain competitive. It is necessary for your company’s survival.

Examples of what we help our clients with:

  • Development of process for PPAP against suppliers
  • Development of process APQP (advanced project model)
  • Implementation of Supplier Audits
  • Development of requirements settings for suppliers (SQM- Supplier Quality Manual)
  • Implementation and training in the most basic statistical tools
  • Development of clear vendor contracts
  • Processes for internal abnormalities
  • Improvement program for the systematic customer abnormalities

For us at InnovationTECH is all about identifying your company COPQ. It’s about SMART goal setting, prioritization, focus and pace of improvement projects. It’s all about clear KPIs and continuous monitoring.

Our Quality Management contact

Mikael Henningsson
Senior Consultant
Mobile phone:+46 708 70 1504
E mail: mikael.henningsson@innovationtech.se

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