Production/Operational Excellence

In production, we have extensive expertise and experience, particularly in the automotive industry but also in the telecommunications industry, furniture industry and other industries.

There are many companies that suffer from poor availability of machines and equipment for various reasons and do not always know what consequences this can bring.

We will help you to clarify the interface between planning and manufacturing, address your productivity issues as well as secure your delivery accuracy.

Our approach is based very much on the methodology of the Six Sigma DMAIC process.

In recent years we have had a large number of projects with primary focus on improving the availability of machines and equipment. This has led to moving away from expensive 4 or 5 shifts to for example 2 shifts while maintaining output. This in turn has increased the profitability and competitiveness of these enterprises.


DMAIC means that in a structured way:

D = Define
Defines the project and / or process. Calculate a first budget and create a “business case”, which shows the profitability of the project (or not). This usually includes, among other things, invested resources in terms of time and money.
M = Measure
Collecting the measurement data to create a baseline, and collect data for analysis. To create a baseline by measuring is important to be able to see the results change with the improvements introduced. Standard tools commonly used in this phase is the Fishbone Diagram, root cause analysis and MSA – Measurement System Analysis. The measurements are important but to get the right outcome you must be confident in your measurement systems.
A = Analyze
Analyze the collected data to see relationships between different factors. When you have found the factors that affect the results and how they affected the result, you can control the process for the best outcome. Common tools are analyzed in some form of statistical software, or simpler versions of Excel.
I = Improvement
Once you have your eye on the factors affecting the outcome, you have to implement the change or improvement. It is often here that many fail because they do not have the endurance to implement and often fall back to the original position.
C = Control
To maintain outcome of the improvement one must continue to measure the results. Here you have to build in measurement and monitoring in daily operations.

Our Production/Operational Excellence contacts

Mikael Henningsson
Senior Consultant
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Patrik Jansson
Senior Consultant
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