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Increased competitiveness and improved profitability with InnovationTECH. Virtually every company’s goal is to improve performance and increase profitability. Most companies do that by thinking about how to reach more customers, how to reach out to a larger geographical market. It works with purchasing and aiming perhaps at price reductions of 3% per year, and periodically there will be a recession and when you cut on costs to reduce overhead. The effect of these interventions are often relatively small and not sustainable.

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    Innovation Tech goal with is not “just” to reduce cost. We want to create conditions for a sustainable future for your business. We do this by evaluating your existing business and understand where there is development. We always share our experiences with you.
    Innovation Tech experts have executed hundreds of projects both in small and large companies.
    Our consultants come from leading positions in areas such Addtech Group, Sandvik, Scania, Sony Mobile, ABB, IKEA, Flextronics and many more.
    Our experience allows us to quickly put ourselves in your operations and our methods are proven and will give you the results you need.

    Our areas are:

    • Development and coaching of managers and management teams
    • Operation Excellence
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Quality Management
    • LEAN / Six Sigma
    • project
    • Recruitment
    • interim Assignments
    • Within the Innovation Tech, we work with Execution and Implementation.
    • Our experience is that we succeed.