Increased competitiveness and improved profitability with InnovationTECH. With our experienced consultants in Management we have long experience and deep knowledge in the development of management teams and leaders. In recent years we have been working with development of company leaders which has resulted in a number of activities that have completely changed their approach for the better. Their results that have been noticeable have been, improved delivery accuracy, reduced complaints, reduced production costs, happy employees, satisfied customers, improved profitability, and much more.

Management Team Development
The Management Group is the team that plans coordinates and directs activities as well as decides the overall goals. Strategic planning and accountability for the implementation of operational activities in included in the management Groups work.
Through our experience we know that the potential is enormous while developing a management team and how it works. We work to create a structure of how the business is managed in the form of meeting formats, metrics, communication, etc., the Governance Model. The work also includes building capability to cooperate in a structured manner.
How the Executive Team works always reflect how the rest of the business functions. Management development is among the most profitable investments you can make when companies need effective impact in their organization in both the short and long term.

Leadership Development

In order to create a good foundation for leaders we can provide confidence and create commitment. In our work, we build a good foundation for the leaders, inexperienced as well as experienced, with clear and defined targets to help their performance in the business.
This work is not limited to only supervisors; the broader target audience for this is all types of leaders as well as project managers, department managers, change managers, team leaders, etc.
The main thing in this process is always to turn theories and general knowledge into reality and practice in order to create both security and sustainability and really create results.

Coaching and mentoring for managers and leaders

Mentoring and coaching is about creating a deeper understanding of the everyday problems / phenomena and how a leader handles them in an adequate way. We as mentors have a long experience in the area.
Our mentoring is basically very simple. Based on the problems and the individuals we will match together mentor and mentee to create the best possible conditions for fruitful and stimulating conversation. The scale is completely dependent on the needs and problems

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