Logistics / Supply Chain Management

Increased competitiveness and improved profitability of InnovationTECH. Within Logistics and Supply Chain, we have broad expertise and experience from people with previous senior positions within international business. We work from the philosophy that together with our clients, we can improve and develop the processes surrounding the entire value stream.

Examples of efforts to reduce inventory levels, eliminate material weaknesses, improve delivery accuracy, balance and reduce cost throughout the value stream.

Our work in supply chain management includes all parts of the value chain from planning, procurement, and logistics to product development and more complex distribution processes.



Examples of what we help our clients with:

  • Analysis and preparation of action proposals for the entire supply chain.
  • Development of effective planning processes
  • Optimization of logistics flows both internally and across the supply chain
  • Support and Development of Strategic purchasing
  • Customer-oriented strategies for the entire value stream
  • Supplier selection and development

We have large international customer references where we have in just a short time (about 3 months), made major changes in supply chain processes that have led to major improvements in both delivery accuracy and profitability.

A good supply chain based on reliable information in real time, which is available to those who need it. This creates opportunities for communication, which drives down the logistical costs while contributing to an increased level of service using the simplest and most basic tools in the right way.

Our Logistik/Supply Chain Management contact

Patrik Jansson
Supply chain and logistics expert
Mobile phone: +46705501296
Email address: Patrik.jansson@innovationtech.se

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