Lean Game – production

What you can achieve with the training:

Lean means to work on continuous improvement, to identify and eliminate waste. It’s not about working faster, but working smarter and learn to see what creates value for the customers. Or in other words; make everything as simple as possible, visualize it all and respect your employees.

It sounds simple – and it is easy and very effective when you have the knowledge and the tools. Our goal is to give you the knowledge, the tools and the power to work Lean.


Participants will experience a focused and practical journey from a “conventional” to a “Lean” approach. This training gives a good insight into the meaning of Lean Production and knowledge of Lean methods and tools. Also provides insights on the interaction between these methods.

Also clarifies the significance of the order when implementing Lean Production.

Target group:
All employees involved in some form of improvement groups, regardless of role within the company.

Previous knowledge

No experience required


1 day

Number of participants

Min: 6 / Max: 16

Price: 3900

Total price per participant excl.
Travel and accommodation costs.

Target group:

Improving Leaders who assist management with the priority / project production, implementation of more complex / global projects. Working mostly in management team as an advisor. Be truly teach and coach.

After the training, you should be able to:

Working cross-functionally throughout the organization
drive greater improvement
be a coach / mentor Green Belts
have knowledge in more complex analytical
able to contribute at least 10-15 times its own cost
provide support for the management team
understand Lean and see the symbiotic connections

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