LEAN – Change Management

What you can achieve with this course:

Change management is key to have an impact in the change process of LEAN / Six Sigma. Leadership is very important and here you will get the tools and the philosophy for success.


Management should have a central role in the change process. During this course leaders learn to dare asking their staff the question “what can I do today to make your day better?” The program also aims to create the communion and affinity from the management as well during change projects. It also provides basic knowledge about the psychology of change and specific tools to lead and guide during the change process.

Who this is for:

Future leaders, production, improvement leader, Six Sigma Green- and Yellow Belts


None required


3 days


Min 6 / Max: 12

Price: 9,900 SEK

Total price per participant excluding VAT
Travel and accommodation costs not included.

Participants will gain knowledge in the nine talents that a change leader should have:
  1. Secures the support they themselves need as manager
  2. Mobilizes “ambassadors” and change managers
  3. Have clear goals, targets and direction
  4. Uses deliberate communication
  5. Are realists – say it as it is
  6. Exerts a flexible and personalized leadership
  7. Are open to criticism and meets emotional reactions
  8. Involves all and creates participation
  9. Is present among employees

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