LEAN – Basics

What you can achieve with this course:

A broad basintroduktion to Lean, value-added work and an understanding of the 8 different wastes.


This training provides a clear picture of what Lean really is based on the orignal concept that is developed within the Toyota Production System. This basic training leads on to both methods and tools of Lean / Six Sigma and 5S, Value Stream Mapping, etc.

Who this is for:

All employees involved in various forms of improvement team, regardless of role in the company.

After completing the course you should be able to:
  • Understand that Lean and Six Sigma has many symbiotic connections
  • Introduce Lean to the employment and management
  • Understand the long-term plans for further implementation
  • See development opportunities through Lean

None required


1 day


Min 5 / Max: 12

Price: 3,900 SEK

Total price per participant excluding VAT
Travel and accommodation costs not included.

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