Kaizen Leader Training (KLT)

What you can achieve with this course:

Change management is key to have an impact in the change process of LEAN / Six Sigma. Leadership is very important and here you will get the tools and the philosophy for success.
We are focusing on the execution with structure and give a mindset that lays the foundation for further work.

Day 1 TPS / Taiichi Ohno / History of Kaizen
Day 2 VSM basics, Event and planning, execution in theory and practice
Day 3 Tools / SMED etc.


Green Belt or higher


3 days


Min 6 / Max: 12

Price: 9,900 SEK

Total price per participant excluding VAT
Travel and accommodation costs not included.

  • Preparing Management for Kaizen events
  • To kick start their improvement efforts
  • Setting and delivering on challenging goals and results
  • “Train the trainer”
Who this is for:

Future leaders, production, improvement leader, Six Sigma Green- and Yellow Belts

After completing the course you should know:
  • Conduct a Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and prioritize after it
  • Plan, manage and execute a Kaizen event
  • Educate a team in basic Kaizen tools
  • Keeping together long-term improvement work
  • Create a roadmap for Kaizen work / -methods
  • Plan, manage and execute a Kaizen event at preferred suppliers

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