Human Errors Root Cause Analysis (HERCA)

What you can achieve with this course:

HERCA is about finding the root cause of problems related to the human factor. This provides an understanding of the link between management responsibilities and theconditions they deliver to the rest of the staff. This course strikes to dispel the myth that HUMAN ERROR can not be avoided.


To make clear to all employees that their roles are constructed from conditions that are usually not sufficiently strong enough to avoid people _ _ doing wrong too easily. You will work in groups and go through the various questions that brings us to the most likely root causes of different types of errors. One can conveniently run this model, even if todays process is stable, to identify any flaws in it.


Green Belt or higher


1 day


Min 6 / Max: 12

Price: 3,900 SEK

Total price per participant excluding VAT
Travel and accommodation costs not included.

Who this is for:

Supervisors, Green Belt, Black Belt, HR etc. where one should distinguish between personal and systemic problems.

After completing the course you should know:

A very structured approach to perform investigations related to HUMAN ERROR. Through this course, you create a strong confidence in the improvement process and a clear link between management and the employees.

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