InnovationTECH identifies, analyzes and improves !

Our mission is to help both large and small companies to analyze , implement and develop the skills of its own activities and organization based on the experience that Innovation Tech has. Our philosophy is to always work for the long term and lasting success , and the results we achieve will be the basis and start of continuous improvement.

Our supply chain experts help you to get control of your end to end process

How can we help?
We will get your delivery precision to ”best in class performance”
We optimize stock levels
We set an efficient and fast planning process
Optimize internal and external flows
We translate customer expectations into internal targets
We help to improve the internal production flow and we improve you cash flow

We will help you to set a governance model and a communication plan

InnovationTECH has many years of experience in Operational Excellence and through acting as a coach when you implement and perform LEAN/SixSigma.

How can we support you?
We get the operational performance to increase in you stamping machines or presses
Improve your daily output and increase control
Improve material flows

Get a motivated staff

Our focus is always to implement long term sustainable improvements.
We have the competence and skills to help you get to the level of performance you need

For us Quality Management is to deliver what the customer expects and then some. For us the voice of customer is the most important thing

How can we help you?
We will remove barriers in communication between departments
Build leadership in how we drive change management
Improved defect management
Create systems for continues improvement
Train you in LEAN/SixSigma
Help you meet the requirements of IATF 16949
Define and communicate Supplier Quality