Six Sigma Facts

The methodology of Six Sigma is a collection of statistical and quality engineering tools and have very strong focus on the leadership role. Some characteristics of Six Sigma is:
Structured work with project
A toolkit that includes even more advanced statistical methods
Focus on measuring, controlling and reducing variation
Focus on leadership and results.
Compared with LEAN Production has been less focus on logistics and flows. Several of the tools in Six Sigma are also in the automotive industry quality standard ISO / TS 16949 ..
Compared with Kaizen, which has the goal to reduce waste within the company by eliminating steps involves costs without adding any value, then Six Sigma focuses on reducing waste in the company by reducing the processes of variation.
Among industrial groups that initiated the Six Sigma program should include Motorola (who was first), General Electric and ABB.

LEAN Facts

Lean production
Lean is a philosophy about how to manage resources. The purpose of Lean is att identify and eliminate all
factors I EN production as integrated create value. Simply put, it’s about “more-value for less work.

Lean main principle skinny IS att eliminiera waste. All Activities as implemented in EN Operations categorized based om De Ar value-added or not. So about the increasing value of the product or not. The Activities AS is non-value added is wasteful and these ska systematically eliminated Which man does through various tools.

Traditionally, LEAN production term synonymous with industrial companies

To introduce lean production arranges dig en bred Insight into the lean philosophy and a kind of practical examination of the main tools. As a result of the training, you get a good understanding of what as KRAVs for success with lean journey.

To create value, eliminating waste in all past, create commitment and teamwork. Obvious and fine words, men begin work on Lean requires an understanding Tribunal for what lean means. At the same time it is important to be humble before the great change as This will bring. En-aware and sustainable investment Working lean yield results. It is the foundation until the powerful corporate philosophy and beginning in sv exciting journey of change.

LEAN Healthcare
The Swedish Healthcare staging an international comparison very high quality men boxes Need to Change and renew working methods and to find out what the patient really wants to use resources in a better way. This philosophy is based in The Same philosophy as lean production

Lean offers en Great Potential for Healthcare att streamline and improve quality. The finns several good role models within Swedish healthcare.

Facts 5S

Product Sheet 5S training

Administration 5S

Production 5S

Games 5S

Facts 5S

5S is a Japanese method for creating orderliness in the workplace. The method was originally developed at Toyota.

he Swedish bottling usually five aces interpreted:

Sort (seiri) tools and materials used in the workplace. Distinguish what is necessary from what is not.

Systematize (seiton) it is necessary so that it is easily accessible. Give it a given suitable location and remove the other.

Clean alt. Condition (seiso) regularly. Small daily cleaning. Major cleaning every week.

Standardize (seiketsu) daily routines. Use the to-do lists for the daily care of the equipment and premises.

Ensure alt. Take care of (Shitsuke) that the order is kept. Improve to-do lists, step by step.

There is an alternative Swedish translation which might fit better with the Japanese due importance. A possible disadvantage is that the steps in this translation does not start with an S.

Inventory – An activity where all the staff working on the site jointly select actions in the plant. This usually go beyond just sorting out is not necessary materials and also select another type of waste in the workplace.

Placement – All tools and accessories are placed in the appropriate place and marked up.

Initial Cleaning – The plant is thoroughly cleaned. The work is documented to create routines. Photographs defines the new level.

Routines – established with the follow-up system so that the new level is maintained.

Discipline – Audits conducted by a committed management organization.

5S is an important part of Lean Manufacturing and Total Productive Maintenance