One success factor of LEAN / Six Sigma is that there are educated improvement leaders (Black Belts and Green Belts) who have knowledge of structured problem solving and statistical analyzes. LEAN / Six Sigma is a quality improvement concept and has been applied in most industries with great success.
Using our knowledge of LEAN / Six Sigma, we have a wide range of operational services, and training.

Operational Services LEAN / Six Sigma

If necessary, as we implement and project manage both small and large projects using LEAN / Six Sigma, we support management teams, sponsors, champions and especially new project managers to manage projects in the right direction and any overcome the problems that may arise.

Courses in Lean / Six Sigma

You learn faster and remember more when you mix training and practice. The best education is got at our students own workplace while simultaneously changing the way they work.
Our method gives you both trained personnel and results at the same time. Thus the training begins to pay off right from the start.
After the training, you quickly become self-sustaining. We train your staff and develop your organization with LEAN / Six Sigma, and this is why changes will persist.

We offer:

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