Om InnovationTECH

InnovationTECH is a company that provides both consulting and training in LEAN and Six Sigma.

Our mission

Our mission is to help both large and small companies to analyze, implement and develop the skills of its own activities and organization based on the experience Innovation Tech possesses.

Our basic philosophy

Our philosophy is to always work for the long term and lasting success, and the results we achieve will be the basis and the start of continuous improvement.

How we work

When it comes to training so we evaluate always with the customer about the education that suits the purpose. It shall always be value-added for the training themselves and for the company and organization.

As for consulting support, there are many methods. One that we use is that we tailor a team of students from the client to create participation and involvement. Based on this team, we put the work into stages where milestones clearly defined. Continuous monitoring is important to visualize the change.

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